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The Gaston

Dallas Ghost Tour & Ghostly Tales of Dallas

Exploring the City’s Spookiest Spots

With the steamy days of a long Texas summer winding down and autumn ushering in longer nights, Halloween festivities will soon take center stage, and there’s no better time to visit and discover the haunted corners of Dallas.

From the age-old tale of a young female ghost lingering around White Rock Lake to a haunted music venue in Deep Ellum and a unique “eerie soiree” just blocks away from our Old East Dallas bed and breakfast, plan your own Dallas ghost tour through the different historic neighborhoods and places where the uncanny, ghostly, and spooky come alive.

Dallas Halloween pumpkins in a display.

The Ghost of White Rock Lake and Halloween Happenings at the Botanic Garden 

Start by heading just a few miles from the Gaston to White Rock Lake, one of the city’s most beautiful places to recreate and relax. The lake is over 1,000 acres, converted from farmland into a sprawling body of water in 1911, becoming the urban oasis it is today. 

Early on in the lake’s history, tragedy struck when a young woman drowned, soon to resurface in ghostly form as the “Lady of White Rock Lake.” In the 1940s and 50s, different couples reported visiting the lakeside park after dark, enjoying the romantic setting. But along with the usual incredible views of the downtown skyline and city lights reflecting off the water, they also encountered a young woman who emerged from the lake wearing a wet, white formal dress and asking for a ride home. Recounting their experience from 1953, the young woman asked a couple for a ride home to her house on Gaston Ave – the same street we’re on, cue goosebumps – only to have the woman suddenly disappear from the back of their car, leaving only a wet puddle on the seat. And when they got to her address, they learned that the woman they had “met” had drowned a couple of years earlier. She supposedly still shows up occasionally at White Rock Lake after nightfall, so if you visit, you may feel her presence – and if she asks for a ride home, don’t be surprised if you turn to the back seat and she’s nowhere to be found.

One of the other main attractions on the shores of White Rock Lake is the Dallas Arboretum and Botanic Garden, which gets into the spirit of the season with its Autumn at the Arboretum and Spooktacular Nights. Take a guided tour of their unbelievable 100,000 pumpkins on display through early November, navigate their spooky Halloween maze, do some family-friendly trick-or-treating, and keep your eyes peeled for the Lady of White Rock Lake.

The Gaston, our East Texas bed and breakfast, perfect accommodation for your Dallas ghost tour.
A Halloween themed drink at the Gaston's bar

Dallas Ghost Tour at Hermann Hall – A Hallowed (and Haunted) Cornerstone of Deep Ellum

With its storied history dating back over 150 years, it’s no surprise that the Deep Ellum neighborhood has some ghosts of Dallas’ past lingering in its legendary bars and music venues. The Sons of Hermann Hall, famously the oldest free-standing wood structure and bar in the city, is a must-stop for an evening of music and fun on your Dallas ghost tour. 

Open since 1911, the ballroom floors creak, the decor is classic, and strange things are sometimes afoot – staff have reported hearing the voices of children playing after hours, furniture shifting around on its own upstairs, and a couple dressed in Victorian clothing that walked in and vanished into thin air. One of the downstairs rooms was also turned into a creepy sanitarium for an episode of the hit TV show Dallas in the 1980s, adding to the haunted folklore.

It has its spooky side, but don’t let that deter you, as it’s also home to the best swing dancing night in the city, held every Wednesday night. Show up at 8 p.m. for swing lessons and get out on the century-old dance floor at 9 p.m. And that couple dancing next to you – are they real or ghosts??

A Haunted Mansion and Soiree with a Mysterious Twist

For a modern take on the haunted house, look no further than the Haunted Soiree, combining “eerie elegance” and a “macabre cocktail party” into a fully immersive experience. The aged 21+ event takes place in the Alexander Mansion, less than ten blocks from our location in Old East Dallas. The mansion, built ages ago in 1904, is said to be visited by spirits and undoubtedly has its own stories untold.

During the Haunted Soiree, every room transforms into a themed ritual, seance, or eerie space where ghosts hold court. Each costumed ghost tells a different chapter of an interlocking tale inspired by the true story of a haunting in Ireland, building throughout the evening into a perfectly surreal crescendo. 

As you pass through the different themed rooms, you’ll get five craft cocktails and specialty chocolates, both included with admission and adding to the sensory experience. Cocktail attire or costumes are encouraged, and book now, as it’s one of the city’s most popular Halloween events and sells out in advance.

Stay with us and experience the best Dallas ghost tour, the spookier side of Dallas – one ghost, one spirit, and one haunted venue at a time!

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