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Dallas Walking Tour: Discovering Hidden Gems in the Big D

Although Dallas is a sprawling urban area, the 9th largest city in the country, our neighborhoods are condensed and easy to stroll from one district to another. From our boutique Dallas bed & breakfast in East Dallas, you’re just a few blocks from the lively music, art, and buzz-worthy restaurants in Deep Ellum and the history-packed blocks that make up the downtown district, perfect for heading out on a Dallas walking tour.

On these outings with knowledgeable local guides, you’ll get a unique glimpse at different aspects of our city’s fascinating history, whether it’s exploring the lasting imprint of JFK’s assassination, the haunted nature of several downtown taverns and hotels, or the fantastic restaurant scene in Deep Ellum.

Our Dallas bed and breakfast is right in the heart of the Big D, surrounded by the city’s vibrant culture and chapters of history you’ll discover on your walking tour.

dealey plaza

A Walk Through History – JFK’s Legacy and a Moment That Stunned the World

JFK’s assassination during his visit to the city 60 years ago, in 1963, is forever synonymous with the history of Dallas. Ever since Kennedy met his end on that ill-fated afternoon, a moment that shocked the nation and cast a shadow of grief around the world, people have come to Dealey Plaza to pay their respects to his memory, explore the grounds where such a tragic event took place, and see in person the sights and scenes that we know from so many JFK-related movies and shows.

On this 1-hour JFK assassination walking tour, you’ll start at the JFK Memorial Plaza – built in 1960 and powerful to witness up close, its empty tomb design spare and open, letting in light and inspiring contemplation – and continue towards the spot where Kennedy died. You’ll see the famous “X” marked on Elm St, walk the grassy knoll seen in the background of the infamous Zapruder film, and finish outside the Texas Book Depository. Tours start at either 10 am or 1:40 pm, available every day of the week.

If you’re itching to learn even more after your one-hour stroll, buy a ticket to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, where you can dig deeper into the story of JFK’s presidency, how the day of his assassination played out moment-by-moment (including a made-to-scale model recreation of the downtown scene), and look out from the actual window where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fateful shots on that November day.

An Entertaining Pub Crawl and Tour Through the Spookier Side of Downtown Dallas

For a Dallas walking tour with a spookier twist, the expert and engaging guides at Nightly Spirits will take you on an evening stroll through downtown’s oldest and most haunted spots, stopping in taverns for drinks en route. Offered Thursday through Sunday nights at either 7:30 pm or 8:15 pm, the Haunted Dallas Ghost Tour and Pub Crawl starts at the Green Room Public House – one of the oldest bars in the city, dating back to the late 1800s and known to be visited by ghosts from its early saloon days before Prohibition. 

Along the 2.5-hour tour, you’ll pass by art installations like the massive eyeball (one of the sights you’ll also see on Dallas scooter tours if that’s more your speed), which casts a creepier look after dark and makes for “eye-catching” pictures for Instagram. You’ll stop for drinks at four different bars, each with a haunted side brought to life by the guide’s storytelling, and pass by locations like the Adolphus Hotel. The Adolphus has a storied past, including hosting luminaries like George HW Bush and Queen Elizabeth II, both drawn to the hotel’s luxury. But it has a darker side, too, including multiple people who fell in the elevator shaft and a bride who died at the altar during a hotel wedding, all of whom supposedly still frequent the hallways in ghostly form. Note that although you don’t have to drink to do the tour, you do have to be 21+ years old, as you’ll be visiting bars along the way.

Deep Ellum signage

Dallas Walking Tour: Stroll and Nosh Through the Flavors, Sights, and Sounds of Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is as legendary for its street art (over 130 murals cover the buildings throughout the district, bringing artistic flourishes to every block) and live music as it is for food, its streets packed with restaurants serving everything from mouth-watering BBQ and delicious pub food to modern Asian cuisine. 

Since 2011, Food Tours of America – started by Jodi Philippson, a longtime Dallas resident and local food connoisseur – has had a unique culinary focus with its tours, none more so than the Deep Ellum Foodie Lovers Tour. Offered every weekend, Friday-Sunday, the 2.5-hour walking tour covers over a mile along the route, stopping in for food tastings at several restaurants. Tours set off either in the morning (10:30 am or 11 am) or in the evening (5 pm or 5:30 pm), so opt for one of the nighttime outings to get the authentic Deep Ellum experience, when live music from classic venues fills the air, and the district comes to life.

After your tour, you’ll get a taste of which restaurants suit your palate and can come back on a different evening during your stay for more meals, tunes, and entertainment (although music is the lifeblood of Deep Ellum, there’s live comedy and bustling Dallas craft breweries with nightly events as well).

Stay with us and head out on a Dallas walking tour, where you’ll uncover the magic of the Big D, step by step and block by block!

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